Meet Our Chaplain

The Rt. Revd. David Smith, Chaplain of the Cistercian Order

Bishop David Smith Jr. has been in ordained ministry, in some capacity, for over 30 years. His vocation originally began in a local Baptist church in Cleveland, OH and has progressed to him receiving ordination as a Western-Rite Orthodox priest, and as an Anglican priest, and consecration as a Western Rite Orthodox bishop.

Since entering ministry his experiences have been varied included, teaching bible study for Athletes in Action, helping to write theological training programs, co-hosting a Christian radio program, part-time parish ministry, and most recently serving as an Examining Chaplain.

Chaplain Smith works bi-vocationally combining a career in ministry with a career in healthcare; previously he was an educator in public education and at several career colleges. His pursuits outside of ministry include becoming an amateur chef/gourmet cook.

Position of Chaplain

If the Chaplain is only under the jurisdiction of the Cistercian Order he may be eligible for formal leadership within the Order.

If the Chaplain is not under the Cistercian jurisdiction then he is not eligible for a formal leadership position in the Order. However, his position is vitally important to the Cistercian Order. He will be asked to do the following plus other requests of the Abbot General or his designate.

  1. Should the Abbot/Bishop die while in office the chaplain will serve the Order’s clerics as a temporary bishop so that they may continue their vocations uninterrupted?
  2. The Chaplain will assist the Vicar General in a smooth transition in the voting process of a new Abbot General. If there is no Vicar General than the Chaplain will contact the members and get consensus in nominating and then electing a new Abbot General as the Constitution directs. The Chaplain is encouraged to seek the advice of the Abbot General’s Council.
  3. The Bishop Chaplain will install the new Abbot General and consecrate him a bishop for and in the Cistercian Order.
  4. The Chaplain will aid the current Abbot General in the spiritual development of the members of the Order as the Abbot General directs.
  5. The Chaplain will perform Sacramental services for the Cistercian Order as the Abbot General directs.
  6. The Chaplain is a member of the Abbot General’s Council.