Dear Students and Inquirers:

Greetings to you in the Name of our Precious Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that St. Stephen Harding College and Seminary and Saint Seraphim School of Orthodox Theology are offering an exciting number of new courses, Certifications, and Masters Degrees.

Additionally through the use of Skype we are offering world wide audio and video classes to students around the world. Our students will be able to speak directly to their instructors and other class-mates.

The audio/video medium is used by many colleges and seminaries. Recent statistics indicate that 63% of all schools are using some form of off campus activities.

Visit our College/Seminary website for more info:

New Certificate of Studies and Advanced Studies

  • Counseling/Pastoral Counseling
  • Counseling/Pastoral Counseling I
  • Counseling/Pastoral Counseling II
  • Church Administration
  • Hospice Chaplain

New Masters Degrees

  • Counseling/Pastoral Counseling
  • Church Admininstration
  • Hospice Chaplain

70 New Courses!

Download the PDF to learn more information on the available education courses.

Read below for testimonials on our education programs.

I am lead to boast about the education received as well as ‘free’ insight offered from you. I must admit, I wasn’t sure I could pull this off – a Master’s degree while juggling so many other things in life, but thanks to your gentle, always humorous guidance, I was able to realize a long term ambition. I think if I were a new student, unaware of St. Stephen Harding Seminary, that very same desire may not have been realized.

The course offerings from St. Stephen Harding target some of the most interesting and practical areas in theology today. Not only are there a great number of choices available, but the student is encouraged to think ‘out of the box’ in true Socratic fashion; ‘independent’ study is truly that, with support coming from the school to pursue one’s goal, not just to get a degree. When one factors in the reasonable cost, personalized dedication of teaching staff, the academic rigor expected, the result is one where the spirit is nurtured as much as the mind. That is the meaning of ‘holistic’ in it’s true Christian sense.

A wonderful by-product of education at St. Stephen Harding is the relationship one can develop with the personalized focus. Frankly, I want to continue studying as a result and that’s the best compliment I can offer anyone involved with St. Stephen Harding, or any student considering the pursuit of a degree. Bravo! Rev Oscar Joseph, may God continue to bless your endeavors and seminary – they have certainly blessed me!”

“Indeed, it has been a great, fruitful experience to have studied at St. Stephen Harding Theological College and Seminary. I had finally attained one of my dreams, to have a theology doctorate, and I had done it thanks to the guidance and encouragement of the Abbot.”

“At St. Stephen Harding Seminary, one does not have to go it alone. The student can rely on the assistance of its entire faculty. Therefore, I can without hesitation recommend St. Stephen Harding Theological College and Seminary to everyone as the best place for one’s academic preparation whether at the Baccalaureate, Masters, and/or Doctoral level.”