Meet Our Chaplain

Rev. Br. Columcille, Chaplain of the Cistercian Order

Rev. Br. Columcille, OCCO has a number of distinctions with the Cistercian Order.

Br. Collumcille, applied for admittance into the Order in October 2004. A year later we met at his home in Arizona and I accepted his novice vows. In 2006 we had convocation in his hometown of Arizona City. Many Cistercians were present. During that same time Br. Columcille, OCCO took his life vows.

Since the inception of our Order in 1981, we have had a number of priests join us from other jurisdictions but we have never had our very own priest. At the convocation in 2006 Br. Columcille, was ordained by Rt. Rev. Abbot Oscar Joseph, OCCO and became our very first priest in the Order and for our Order.

That same year Br. Columcille, OCCO became our very first Dean. He was elevated to the position of Dean of the Western USA.

He has also served on the Abbot’s Council and an assistant to the President of our seminary, Stephen Harding Theological College and Seminary.

Position of Chaplain

If the Chaplain is only under the jurisdiction of the Cistercian Order he may be eligible for formal leadership within the Order.

If the Chaplain is not under the Cistercian jurisdiction then he is not eligible for a formal leadership position in the Order. However, his position is vitally important to the Cistercian Order. He will be asked to do the following plus other requests of the Abbot General or his designate.

  1. Should the Abbot/Bishop die while in office the chaplain will serve the Order’s clerics as a temporary bishop so that they may continue their vocations uninterrupted?
  2. The Chaplain will assist the Vicar General in a smooth transition in the voting process of a new Abbot General. If there is no Vicar General than the Chaplain will contact the members and get consensus in nominating and then electing a new Abbot General as the Constitution directs. The Chaplain is encouraged to seek the advice of the Abbot General’s Council.
  3. The Bishop Chaplain will install the new Abbot General and consecrate him a bishop for and in the Cistercian Order.
  4. The Chaplain will aid the current Abbot General in the spiritual development of the members of the Order as the Abbot General directs.
  5. The Chaplain will perform Sacramental services for the Cistercian Order as the Abbot General directs.
  6. The Chaplain is a member of the Abbot General’s Council.